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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bar Project Series #15: Prepping Bar for Staining and More Trim Work

Lots more activity to talk about... Although the things to do list is shrinking it's still quite daunting.  But we are eating the elephant, one bite at a time... Staying focused on the next task and only looking at the items down the list just to anticipate what supplies/materials we will need and timing (e.g. dry times, and/or NOT producing dust while things are drying, etc.).

Items Accomplished:
 - Installed Baseboard on back side of Bar Wall
 - Spackled, Caulked and Painted Baseboard
 - Installed Quarter Round at base of cabinets
 - Filled Quarter Round nail holes
 - Sanded Underside of Bar (120 followed by 220 grit)
 - Sanded nail holes in bar top
 - Filled and sanded gaps in bar top (Used Minwax Stainable Wood filler)
 - Closed awkward cove in back wall

Baseboard and cabinet quarter round installed

Baseboards spackled and caulked

Baseboards painted

Framing gap in back wall

Gap sheetrocked and ready for tape and mud

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