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Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 02: Building a Swimming Pool

This Has Been Me this Past Week!!!

I had mentioned yesterday that if it didn't rain last night we would get footings today.  Despite my best efforts and prayers to the rain gods, it stormed like we haven't seen in a while.  It rained from 2am on and is still drizzling.  Supposed to start clearing up this evening and tomorrow.

The PM called this morning and said he had been by the site and it didn't look too bad.  The plan was to muck out the water, finish digging out the 6" they left in yesterday and dig the garage.

Went by after work  and nothing had been done.  Based on the fact that it was still raining and drizzling, I don't disagree with their decision.  If they would have dug the garage, then it would have filled up with water too.

They had originally scheduled our footings inspection for today, then cancelled it and rescheduled for Monday but I'm not so sure they will meet this schedule either.  Hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday and maybe Basement walls by the end of the week.

I wanted to put in a pool at some point but wasn't quite ready for this.  You can see our wonderful swimming pool below.

Filling Up Our Swimming Pool

More Water in our Pool. Missing the 2x5 Bump Out for Fireplace in Family Room.

The Formal Living Room in the Corner was Finished

Close up of Living Room. The Stoop isn't Dug Yet.


  1. The pool looks great!! LOL


    1. At this point, all I can do is laugh because I am out of tears. It's nice to see something happening but it seems this guy Murphy has had it out for us from the start. Normally I would say it isn't meant to be. However, on the other hand you could say that anything worth havening is worth fighting for...this has been quite a battle so far. I doubt it is over.

      Take Care!