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Friday, April 5, 2013

Got a Call from NVRM's Branch Manager Today

I'm Not New to This Game...Honest!  Trust Me...

Received an interesting call from the Branch Manager of NVRM today.  It was a good conversation and while we can't do anything about the past, he said he will have a close eye on our file to ensure we don't have any hiccups for closing.

Sorry We Can't Find Your File

We are being told our house will be done July 23rd.  That's not necessarily the closing date or the date we get keys.  The issue is we have to be out of our current residence by July 31st.  That is painted, repaired and cleaned.  The problem is, when you tell someone the 31st, they say Ok, we can have you close by the 31st.  NO...that doesn't allow us time to make the transition.

One thing that has been really fueling my frustration is that we were looking at two communities right next to each other.  In the other community there were three homes sold weeks after us and have already begun construction.  One of them just started framing and we don't start for another week and a half.  I don't even know how this is possible.  Food for thought.  All three of these lots were "Lots of the Month".  Meaning RH owned them and were paying insurance, interest and taxes on (Carrying Costs).  Ours was not.  Not sure if there is correlation here or not but it still kills your morale when you see people that bought after you, start before you.  These time lines are killing me.  7 Weeks to process a loan that usually takes 4.  6 Weeks to begin building, when it usually takes 4.  Another factor and this really frustrates me.  The permit for the one other lot in our development that was nowhere near ready to begin (far enough along in the process and we were again "weeks" ahead of them) was just pulled.  The thought that they delayed our build 2 weeks to line us up with them, really makes me mad.  Especially when we have been EXTREMELY clear since January that we have a hard July date. As a customer spending as much as I am, I'm not that interested in efficiencies and economies of scale for them.  I'm sorry, am I being insensitive?

Oh but on a positive note, the NVRM Branch Manager made me feel a little better.


  1. Hey guys Im a newbie but you all are absolutely NOT being insensitive at all and hold the manage to his word if he says he is keeping a "close eye" on your file then he better be nobody gets paid if the loan doesnt close! Great blog and good luck I will be following you all.

    1. I know in the end it will all work out but it's still frustrating. I'm not a micro-manager and I really don't like doing people's job for them but will if I have to. Only because when it comes to my family, "failure is not an option!" What did the Great Vin Diesel say in Pacifier, "No Highway Option!"

  2. I completely understand your frustration with the illogical Ryan scheduling; still scratching my head (and dealing with the frustration) over some of the things I've seen. You would think they had this down to a science but obviously not... Everything you've said and done is completely reasonable; it's a shame we as well-paying customers have to put up with so much (and feel like we have to act as PMs). No, I'm not interested in what works for Ryan either when I have bought a house with a huge profit margin. In then end though, there will be a great house to show for it.

    1. Thank you. Even though at times I was probably publically venting, I'm glad I documented how we were feeling as consumers. I think it is too easy to get caught up in the moment once your home is being built or completed. The euphoria may wash away the pain. This process has a lot to be desired and improved on. The sad part is that I do understand some of their scheduling and from a business stand point it does make sense but the small savings for them is large heartache for us. Value is determined by the Customer not the Business. A fact I hope they learn some time.