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Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 05: Not a Swimming Pool After All

Spring Sunshine

Finally a day or so of sunshine (Until Wednesday).  They were able to muck out the water/mud and finish digging the basement down to grade.  It turned out really nice.

By noon, the excavator was complete and the concrete guys were hard at work setting up forms and the drainage system. 

Looking from Front Right to Back of House - Family Room

Looking from Front Right to Kitchen and Dinette

Standing on Driveway and Looking into Garage - Trenches for Garage Walls

Another Shot of Garage Wall Trenches

I stopped back by after work and they were just finishing up.  The footings inspection is scheduled for tomorrow and then they can pour the concrete.

Forms for Footings - Note Sump Pump Location in Lower Right Corner

Setting Footing to Support Stoop (Front Steps)

Looking at Left Side of House into Dining Room, Kitchen and Garage

Footing for Fireplace

The entire 1st Floor has to be bricked, and normally they would run the floor joists out 2' past the edge of the house and put the fire box on top of them.  This doesn't provide enough support for the brick so they will be extending our foundation wall out a bit for support.  This gives us a 2' x 5' niche in our basement.  We are building a kitchenette here so this will become a pantry of some sort.  Either using cabinets or framing it in.  A great use of space.  Same goes for our Dinette.  They normally just extend the joists out 2' and extend the dinette 2' x 15'.  Again, we get an additional 2' x 15' in the basement.  It will be split between the main space and the media room.  This will make for a nice place for some shelving.

Looking forward to seeing the basement walls go in.  It's really tough to see what the true dimensions of this space is going to be.  The hole isn't dug to the exact dimensions of the walls (because then need room for the waterproofing system), and while the forms follow the outline of the house, they aren't exact either.  Hopefully  are there for

Also they loaded the tractor up from my site and drove it right over to a Courtland being built right across from me.  They also requested the permits for an Avalon that will be a few doors down from me and across the street.  The lot has been staked and the Temp Power Pole is already in and inspected.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. We're happy to see progress. Your house is moving right along, that is awesome!

  2. They were hard at work today! Were still waiting on permits etc...hopefully not too much longer or I will be asking for my money back!

    1. I'm able to Check Permit status in my County online. Have you looked that up. I would not have found it but they were telling me I couldn't make changes 2 months ago because of the county. I called the county and RH hadn't even requested permits. They just requested them 2 weeks ago. This has proven to be a great tool for me.

      With RH, everything is done "Just-in-Time" (some would call it last minute but the Japanese call it JIT). They bought the lot the day before they were scheduled to dig. This back fired for them this time. If they wouldn't have done this, they could have dug a few days earlier when the weather was more conducive. Oh, and we would have a basement right now.

      Good luck, looking forward to seeing some activity on your build too.

  3. That's great! Hope the weather holds so you can get the footers and walls up today. Be glad you don't quite have all the wood to worry about yet; we've got the walls and flooring up, and it's an on and off again rainy week. I'm stressed about all that wood getting compromised by water. Hopefully this wet pattern will stop soon--perhaps in time for your framing!

  4. I thought you guys wanted a pool? Lol. It is coming along nicely. At least the weather is warming up, I have read the end of spring into summer is a great time to build so hopefully the weather will keep being nice.