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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 06: We Have Footings!

Lots of stuff going on today.  They finished the forms and holes for the footers; finished the drainage system and brought in gravel.

Forms for Footings Done and Gravel In

The county inspector came by and approved the footings inspection.

Concrete trucks showed up and they poured the footings.

Shortly after they started to dry, they removed the forms and snapped lines for the walls.

Next stop basement walls.  Hopefully some work will happen on that this week (e.g. Forms Put Up).


  1. Really cool the house has "feet" now it has something to stand on! Nice it should be quick from here!

  2. It's definitely nice seeing something going on. For too many months we would go by and just see the same old empty lot. Now there's something tangible and quantifiable going on. You tend to mentally hit the fast forward button while waiting and then want this to slow down so you can enjoy it. It's part of the overall experience that you will always remember and you kind of want to savor it.