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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Excavation with Style?

Got a call from the PM yesterday with an update on our HVAC questions and our Start Date.

Start Date:

During our Pre-Con meeting we were initially surprised that our start date was 2 days later than we were originally told.  The PM was going to try to start at least 1 day earlier.  Weather permitting he is going to try to start digging on Tuesday, April 16th versus the 17th. That's the good news.  We have a slight chance of rain throughout all of next week, that's the not so good news.

On a positive note, he mentioned they could leave about 4" of dirt in the hole to catch the rain, then dig out the rest after it stops raining. We might get some footers next week and the basement walls the following week.

Not Ideal Starting Weather...Is it a Sign?

I was going to talk to our PM about incorporating this "excavation with style" method into our dig.  Maybe we could sell tickets?  With all the waiting and buildup, I am expecting a show!

The HVAC (AC Units):

The PM received more information on the AC units.  Scheduled a meeting next week to go over the calculations for the house and ensure the system is adequate for the space.  I'll post the outcome next week.


  1. YAY looks like its going to be alot of progress from here cant wait to see the "excavation with style" ticketmaster should have the tickets for you! LOL!

    1. Maybe we could earn enough to pay for our blinds? I used to be with a Marine Combat Engineer Battalion years ago and I'm really surprised those knuckleheads didn't invent this competition. I can see a bunch of bored Marines with D-9 Dozers doing hand stand with them.

  2. Ok..I spit my drink out cracking up you all are absolutely hilarious. Definately consider a career transition doing stand up comedy! Then you can pay for your blinds and mine LOL LMAO TOO FUNNY!

  3. I'm not going to lie, I'm already a little creeped out at how similar we are. Both signing our agreements months ago and waiting patiently for our homes to start building. That and just yesterday I posted a blog with a picture of the weather for the upcoming week. Hysterical.

    Just found your blog looking forward to watching your build!

    1. Thanks. As you know, it's been a journey. Not sure I had any patience to start with, so I'm not sure how we made it this far. Our start date was today and got a call this morning from the PM that it has been postponed due guessed it, "Weather". Grrr, Expletive, Expletive. "Deep cleansing breath, counting down from ten, nine, eight...." It will begin soon, be done before we know it and we are going to love it!

      Looking forward to seeing your home starting framing this week too...