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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Game Called Due to Rain

PM called this morning and postponed our start date due to weather.  He said they are going to watch it and see if they get a window.  It's not a matter of digging in the rain but having a basement hole filled with water.

No Fun Today!

No surprises really...I was waiting for the call.  I've been watching the weather throughout the day over the past week and it has looked pretty hairy since last week.

Thunderstorms and Rain Today and Tomorrow

I'm sure the excavation guys are chomping at the bit to do the work.  They don't get paid until they do the job, so I'm not too worried about them dropping the ball...unless there are other less conservative jobs out there.  When they see a window of time to get the dig done and pour the concrete, they will more waiting. :(


  1. Awww so sorry to hear that Im still doing my rain dance over here maybe they can start later on during the week my fingers are crossed for yall!

    1. We were seeing rain in the forecast last week. Started looking 10 days out. The funny thing is that it hasn't rained today at all. It's been cloudy but hasn't rained. Went out to the lot and had to wear my sunglasses because it was so sunny and bright. It's supposed to rain this evening though, which is what I think they are worried about. A hole full of water isn't going to help us get our house built faster.

      Keep up the anti-rain dance!